Creating a vibrant intellectual climate that
stimulates relevant cutting edge research and
community engagement.


Welcome to the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID), the research management arm of the University of Ghana, Legon. This office was established in the year 2010 to foster and enhance research in the University. Our mission is to promote, coordinate and facilitate research activities in the university, and also lead the development of the university's strategic plans, including business plans and fund-raising strategies.


As the drive of every University is research-based, we believe in academic freedom, creativity and innovation where people have the ability to develop concepts without any restrictions and come out with creative and innovative ideas as well as cutting edge research which advances the frontiers of knowledge and promote national development. We aim to promote research that satisfy high ethical standards, intellectual property protection and good practices in data/material management. We therefore focus on policy development, provision of guidelines, and human resource development for research, fundraising and engaging industry to translate our findings into practice. We aim to facilitate the efficient communication, dissemination and utilization of findings from research works.It is therefore with great honour and privilege that I am given the mandate to lead the team to fulfill this mandate here at Ghana's Premier University.

I wish you a stimulating experience as you explore our research portal and discover how we can cultivate a spirit of innovation and creativity among our staff and community. You are encouraged to visit our portal for updates on research grant opportunities, fellowship opportunities, and research findings as well as seize new and available opportunities to engage in contract research activities.