Legon Readers Series

The Legon Readers Series documents scholarly ideas and debate influencing academic discipline. In compilations of easys and articles, these publications showcase the research of academics at the University of Ghana and their collaborators in the advancement of knowledge for teaching and research. The Readers series inspires collaboration in the sharing of knowledge in search of new ideas to shape the frontiers of academic research.

The underlisted books are for sale at a concessionary rate of GHC 50.00  (flat rate) each.

Mode of Payement and Collection

  • Payment should be made at the ORID Accounts Office (LECIAD Building)
  • Books can be collected from the Publications Office at the ORID Annex (behind School of Law) on presentation of a receipt.

For further enquiries contact the Publication's Team at orid-pdt@ug.edu.gh


A Celebration of Philosophy and Classics Footprints of Nursing Profession: Current Trends and Emerging Issues in Ghana 
A Legon Reader in Ghanaian Linguistics  Ghana Journal of Mental Health 
African Studies and Knowledge Production Ghanaian Voices on Topics in English Language and Literature 
Agriculture Research for Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood Internal Medicine Practice in Ghana 
Assessment of Impact of Development Activities on the Marine Environment and the Fisheries Resources of the Gulf of Guinea Journeys through the Modern Language at the University of Ghana 
Changing Trends in Mental Healthcare and Research in Ghana  Microbiology: A Dynamic Discipline in Health and Diseases in Ghana 
Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases in Ghana: Multidisciplinary Perspective  Molecular Approaches to Understand Life and Diseases 
Communication Research and Practice in Ghana: A Critical Appraisal Perspective from the World of Nutrition and Food Science 
Contemporary Development Issues and Practice of Agriculture Extension  Public Health Issues in Ghana: Practice, interventions, and control Strategies 
Contributions of Allied Health Science to Healthcare Delivery in Ghana  Readings on some Key Issues in Animal Science in Ghana 
Current Challenges with their Evolving Solutions in Surgical Practice in West Africa Vol I & II Replenishing History: New Directions to Historical Research in the 21st Century in Ghana
Current Perspectives in Archaeology in Ghana  The Performing Arts in Africa- Ghanaian Perspectives 
Dentistry in Ghana: The Journey so far and the Challenges Ahead  Towards Effective Disease Control in Ghana: Research and Policy Implications: Volume II: Other infectious Diseases and Health System  
Development and Use of Quality Medicines in Ghana  Towards Safe and Effective Treatment: Contributions from Clinical Pharmacology
Development in Agriculture Economics and Contemporary Issues in Ghana  Tropical Issues in Maternal and Child Health in Ghana 
Development Policies and Practices in Ghana: A Reader Unpacking the Sense of the Sacred- A Reader in the Study of Religions