University of Ghana Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Activities



The University of Ghana is a member of the Worldwide Universities Network. This has offered a number of unique opportunities for academics at the University of Ghana to work on major global and local development challenges using the collective skills of some of the world’s best researchers. International research collaboration brings benefits to both the research process and the researchers themselves. By enabling international collaboration WUN helps transform local research initiatives into broader international projects, bringing global knowledge together to improve the quality of life around the world.

The University of Ghana is considered as a key partner for research on Africa. A number of researchers at the University of Ghana are collaborating with faculty in other institutions within the network to research on malaria, nutrition, higher education and climate change.

The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) is a leading global higher education and research network made up of 19 universities, spanning 11 countries on five continents. It is the most active global higher education and research network with 100 active research initiatives, engaging over 2,000 researchers and students collaborating on a diverse range of projects. WUN has a mission to stretch ambitions and develop the next generation of leaders through partnerships with government, international organisations and industry. WUN finds solutions to some of society’s most significant challenges to improve quality of life. WUN’s research is focussed on four Global Challenges:

  1. Responding to Climate Change
  2. Public Health (Non-communicable Disease)
  3. Global Higher Education and Research
  4. Understanding Cultures

WUN is proud in being an experimental laboratory at the frontier of internationalization and committed to:

  1. research that is innovative and makes a difference
  2. creating opportunities for established and emerging talent
  3. attracting resources to sustain our world-class teams
  4. creating access and advantage for our members.

The Coordinator of WUN at UG is Prof. Andrew Anthony Adjei. UG is represented on two of the major research groups of WUN; the WUN Global Africa Group by Dr. Ibrahim Bedi (Department of Accounting, UGBS) and WUN Web Observatory Group by Prof. Richard Boateng (Department of OMIS, UGBS). UG WUN offers faculty the following:

  1. Linking faculty to other researchers in the WUN
  2. Faculty can apply for the multi-disciplinary grant of ORID to collaborate with other members in the WUN
  3. Advisory services
  4. Dissemination of research and research interest to the WUN