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Research at UG

The Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) is the research arm of the University of Ghana (UG), with the mandate to promote a vibrant research environment and develop strategic partnerships to advance scholarship. Since 2010, ORID has managed the UG research enterprise, facilitating grantsmanship and supporting researchers and multi-disciplinary teams. UG’s research aims to address knowledge gaps and consolidate research outcomes for greater impact.

ORID is responsible for fundraising activities that administer the University of Ghana’s Research Funds (UGRF) and external funds from donor agencies. ORID seeks to enhance innovation and technology for accelerated economic development; and foster strategic alliances with partners in industry, policy advocacy and governance.

ORID at the University of Ghana, led by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, promotes and coordinates research and strategic planning through seven teams providing streamlined support to the University community.

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Explore the forefront of research and innovation at ORID, where groundbreaking discoveries and insightful analyses shape the future of science and technology.

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