Pre & Post Awards


The Pre-and Post-Award Services (PPA) team is responsible for assisting the University community with the necessary administrative research support activities related to proposal/ grant submissions, research grants/contract management and administration, amongst other activities.  The Pre-and Post-Award Services, led by the Central Office, has four sub-teams whose activities ultimately feed into that of the Central Office. These are

  • The Research Prospectors
  • ISSER Satellite Office
  • NMIMR Satellite Office
  • Korle-Bu Satellite Office

Each of the sub-teams provide research support which contributes to the work of the Central Office to ensure the provision of uniform and tailored services across the University.

The duties of the PPA team is an integral part of the University’s research support structure and seeks to assist faculty and staff in a variety of ways including:

• Identification and dissemination of funding opportunities
• Assisting with proposal development and submissions
• Facilitating registrations with external donors to aid grant submissions
• Facilitating the provision of institutional letters of support;
• Meeting sponsor needs related to due diligence procedures and compliance considerations and reporting
• Management of both internally and externally funded grants,
• Managing information on grant regulations,
• Assisting in the preparation and submission of required reports and ensuring adherence to project requirements
• Facilitating the University’s grant management systems; and
• Fostering research networks.

The PPA team strives to be a driving force behind research support services of the University.  In efforts to ensure that faculty respond to competitive funding opportunities which are in line with the University’s research mission, the team also seeks to identify key research opportunities and communicate to faculty through various platforms.