A workshop to develop capacity for project planning and management has taken place to build capacity of researchers and research support staff at the of the university. In partnership with Danish consultants on the Building Stronger Universities (BSU III) project, the programme is part the BSU(III) project’s training module aimed at strengthening capacity of universities.  

The Capacity Development Team at ORID, organized the workshop, which took place on 6th and 7th September 2022 at Cedi Conference Centre. 


The training progamme titled “Logical Framework Approach and Result Framework” entails critical thinking courses to upgrade the management skills and problem-solving competencies of staff. 

The interactive two-day exercise focused on systematic approaches to problem analysis, planning and implementation of projects. Participants were guided by facilitators to develop a matrices for project planning and analyzes of change processes. 

Group exercises undertaken by participants developed models based on a Logical Framework Approach (LFA), to address pertinent societal challenges such as pollution and the effects of hazardous waste discharged in Ghana.  

The consultants highlighted new trends in project design, planning and management, in addition to outlining strategies for framing projects to attract funding, examining LFA as a global language that resonates with donors, NGOs and private and public sector players. 

The BSU project which is in third and final phase has undertaken several training programmes over the life of the project which begun in 2013.  Past training programmes have benefitted diverse cohorts of faculty and students, sponsoring masters’ and PhD programmes in support of the project’s overall objectives. 



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