Alumni Lectures 2017/2018

Corruption, Culture and National Development - An Interrogation of Africa’s Experience

            Dr. Paul Acquah-(Former Governor, Bank of Ghana)

            Ph.D (Pennsylvania) MSc (Yale)  B.Sc(Ghana) 






  The narrative about Africa’s development prospects has changed over the last decade, and it is now one of optimism; but not without an undertone of some skepticism. Recent growth     rates and economic and social indicators show impressive progress and the benefits of years of economic reforms and engagement with development partners. However, low rankings in corruption-perception indicators in international surveys raise questions and concerns. Will corruption, weaknesses in institutions and governance diminish the capacity of governments to deliver improvements in well being for their citizens on a fair, equitable and sustained basis?

Corruption, once a matter for much whispering in private and public forums, is now at the centre of the development policy agenda for countries on the path of reform. It is prominent in research and discussions on governance and the role of the developmental state that some see in Africa......Read more