Capacity Development

The Capacity Development (CaD) Team is the capacity building arm of the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) that complements the University’s efforts to support faculty, staff and students in developing their core competencies. The team seeks to strengthen the capabilities of faculty, staff, and students to develop their core strengths to advance institutional goals. By organizing regular refresher workshops, seminars, conferences and interactive sessions, we hope to deepen knowledge and improve research capacity. Training programmes aim to;

  • Empower target groups to attract, secure, and manage donor funds and internally generated funds.
  • Engage beneficiaries of international and other capacity building programmes (determined as useful) to re-present key learning points and share appropriate materials.
  • Establish local and international partnerships for skills development and knowledge sharing through existing and other networks.
  • Implement mechanisms for collaboration and networking among departments within UG to maximize expertise and resources for submission of joint bids/proposals to donors.