Research Professional Africa


Research Africa is a publication to comprehensively track research policy across Africa's capital cities and universities, providing detailed coverage of research-related issues. Compiled by the experienced editorial staff in Cape Town, South Africa, Research Africa is published online with a thorough, weekly digest of research policy news from all over the continent. It is also a funding database comprising of available funding opportunities all over the world.

As part of ORID's mandate of promoting and encouraging research among UG's faculty, the Research Services Unit of the Office of Research, Innovation and Development(ORID) issues a monthly compilation titled "Research Opportunities Alert!" of available funding opportunities generated from the Research Professional Platform.

Our aim is to make available to the University's faculty, information on funding opportunities for research, scholarships etc. as a step towards making the University more visible in terms of research and also as a means of increasing the University's income from research (as we compete for and win more grants for research).

The Research Professional Platform has an on-line campus-wide access for all faculty members, to its research funding database so that members access direct log-in to the platform and create their own profiles, set up alerts and receive research news etc. as well as applying/ competing for the grants which have been announced.

It is strongly encouraged that all proposals developed in response to the calls/ funding opportunities be submitted through ORID. Comments and feedback are welcome via email at orid-researchadmin@ug.edu.gh

Faculty members interested in getting set up for the User Account Request Form should contact The Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID), located at the ground floor of the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD) or via email to orid-researchadmin@ug.edu.gh