2019 World Intellectual Property Day Celebrated


                       Students from the Physical Education and Sports Department checking vital signs

This year’s World Intellectual Property Day celebration has been observed by the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) in collaboration with the Sports Directorate and the Department of Physical Education and Sports on the theme, “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”. The World Intellectual Property Day which is marked on April 26, each year highlights the importance of Intellectual Property across all spheres of public endeavours.  The objective of this year’s celebration was to create awareness on the role of intellectual property rights in encouraging creativity and innovation in sports.
At the start of the event, which brought health, wellbeing and sports to the fore, Professor George Obeng Adjei, Director of Research at ORID, advised that the sporting fraternity should explore how Intellectual Property (IP) can be used to advance the development of sports. He hoped that the celebration would present the University community, with the opportunity to implement an IP strategy from which the University could derive additional resources, from sporting activities.

                                                      Professor George Obeng Adjei, Director of Research, ORID

In a statement, the Director of the Sports Directorate of the University of Ghana, Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu explained that Intellectual Property allowed brand owners to control their brands, hence the need to protect intellectual property in sports and embrace the commodification of sports. He commended the University for being the first and only university in the country to adopt a policy to admit athlete students. He noted that the University of Ghana was also a pioneer in providing funding for sports education through a Sports Development Fund.


                                                     Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, Director, Sports Directorate

After a brief session of physical activity lead by Professor Reginald Ocansey, Head of the Physical Education and Sports Department, he introduced an academic study undertaken by a group of students at the Department and led by Mr. Wonder Agaglo.  The study sought to identify the linkage between entrepreneurial skills and physical activities.

                                     A session of physical activity being led by Professor Reginald Ocansey

The guest speaker for the event Mr. Yaw Sakyi Afari, who is the Chairman of Rite Holding Company Ltd and the host of Courtside on Kwese Sports/ Viasat1 TV, wrapped up the celebration on a positive note by explaining how gains can be derived from intellectual property in sports. He explained that intellectual property remained a safety net in sports when athletes and sports entrepreneurs have strong brands. He urged athletes and teams to ensure that their brands are effectively protected to enjoy the returns accrued through intellectual property rights

                                                                  Guest Speaker, Mr. Yaw Sakyi Afari