Masters and Doctoral Student Funding

Background Information

Grant Amount: EURO(€) 2.5 Million
Donor: European Union
Title:"The Partnering for Health Professional Training in African Universities "

The Partnering for Health Professional Training in African Universities (P4HPT) project, coordinated by the University of Ghana is an academic mobility project which aims at building capacity of professionals with a view to expand the health workforce size in the target countries and subsequently improve well-being of communities through: improving health and quality of life of the communities through the prevention and treatment of disease; promoting healthy behaviours of the communities through Public Health Education; carry out surveillance and epidemiological studies for informed decision making; promote environmental Health through sensitization programmes; lead and manage health institutions effectively and efficiently; and, promoting research and advocacy for appropriate health policies.

The programme focuses on the fields of Agriculture, Medical Sciences, Engineering and Energy out of a commitment from the consortium to develop African capacity in the area of Food Security and Sustainable Human Well being. This theme was selected in response to the ongoing urgency of meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Rather than offering a broad spectrum of qualifications, each partner has carefully selected those within the ARISE chosen theme.