Masters and Doctoral Student Funding

Background Information

Grant Amount: EURO(€) 1.9 Million Donor: European Commission
Title:"The Africa Regional International Staff/Student Exchange: Food Security and Sustainable Human Wellbeing(ARISE) Project"

The programme is designed to provide resources and opportunities for student and staff mobility throughout four regions of Africa, offering support for Masters and Doctoral studies as well as for shorter research and administrative visits between consortium partners. ARISE will offer approximately 100 mobility opportunities in Masters, Doctorate and Staff Mobility Opportunities.

The programme focuses on the fields of Agriculture, Medical Sciences, Engineering and Energy out of a commitment from the consortium to develop African capacity in the area of Food Security and Sustainable Human Well being. This theme was selected in response to the ongoing urgency of meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Rather than offering a broad spectrum of qualifications, each partner has carefully selected those within the ARISE chosen theme.

ARISE plans to foster closer cooperation between consortium members in various fields, and provide training and development opportunities to members through conferences and meetings. These will increase expertise across all consortium partners in the internationalisation of higher education. These multiplier effects will outlive the duration of the ARISE programme and position participants for ongoing success and engagement in similar future programmes.

The ARISE project operates within the framework of promoting the cross-cutting tenets of equal opportunities, gender balance and participation by disadvantaged scholars. All applicants will be considered on merit and must meet the academic requirements.