Letters of Support

As part of our mission to promote, coordinate and facilitate research activities in the University, we are pleased to provide guidelines for the provision of letters of support/ endorsement etc. to all of UG's faculty members. Increasingly, most donor/ funding agencies are requesting for letters from the home institutions of applicants as a way of showing institutional commitment to the proposed project. In fulfillment of our mission, the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) is keen on ensuring that all UG faculty members applying for grants from external donors/ sponsors are able to meet this requirement.

To facilitate the process, all faculty members seeking such letters are to fill the RESEARCH SUPPORT REQUEST FORM and submit all the required documents as indicated on the form to ORID through the COLLEGE/FACULTY ASSIGNED RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT OFFICER.


The processing time for requests for research support is FIVE (5) WORKING/ BUSINESS DAYS. Applicants must allow a period of 5 working/business days for processing and feedback from the date the application reaches ORID.