Faculty Development Grants


The University of Ghana Graduate Faculty Development Scheme has been instituted in response to the University’s drive for faculty development, and to ensure that all UG faculty hold a PhD/other terminal degree. The Grants are targeted at Ghanaian nationals and may be awarded to existing faculty to undertake and complete their PhD studies.

The Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) puts out a call for proposals once every academic year when funds are received for faculty development.

The PhD programmes are tenable at any reputable university relevant to the student’s research area, and the grant is awarded normally in the research year(s) of the study for four (4) semesters for the PhD/MD Programmes. Awards shall be made normally within the second half of the first year of a PhD programme.

The maximum grant available is GHC35,000.


  1.  Existing faculty members who hold an MPhil Degree and have registered for PhD studies
  2. Applicants must have served at UG for at least one year
  3. The age at the time of applying for the Fellowship shall not be above forty five (45) years for the PhD.

Guidelines for Application

An application for the Faculty Development Grant must be routed through the relevant Head of Department and Dean of School to ORID and shall consist of the following:

  1. Complete an Online Application at:
  2. Download signature page for endorsement by relevant School Dean and Head of Department
  3. Submit most recent CV
  4. Evidence of enrolment into a PhD/other terminal degree Programme
  5. Proof of Nationality (e.g. copy of passport page)
  6. 1st Degree academic transcript(s)
  7. Certified copy of MPhil certificate
  8. A statement of Purpose and how the applicant intends to use the Fellowship award to enhance his/her research output
  9. A 3-page (maximum) summary of the applicant’s research proposal, clearly outlining the background, objectives, scope and methodology –[Font: Times New Romans; Size: 11]
  10. A work plan
  11. Download budget page sheet.
  12. Upload items 2-11 as part of the application process.

Grant recipients are required to submit progress reports periodically, and may be called for progress review meetings.

Selection Criteria

Only short listed/ recommended applicants for the Fellowship maybe required to attend an interview to be organised by ORID. The interview panel shall consist of Deans/Directors of Schools/Institutes or their representatives, as well as representatives from the School of Graduate Studies and ORID.

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